Book reviews and books read

I’ve long had a vision of the books reviews / books read part of this site, and now I’ve finally “left” my job (officially on 30th March), I sat this evening designing and coding the first part of it, which you can now see by clicking on the Books 2008 (beta) in the Books Read part of the blogroll to your right. (ps. This is actually my favourite bit of the website). I hope you like the design – particularly the colour scheme, since it’s the colour scheme I’m going to use on the rest of the website when I get round to it. I like the simplicity too. – For this page, I intend to have a running commentary on my progress and thoughts deriving from it running down the left-hand side, and some kind of complex statistical information down the right-hand side.

This particular page, if you’re interested, was written (by me and from scratch) in XML, XSL and CSS. I particularly enjoyed the co-operation between XSL and CSS – which had only been a theory in my head earlier today, and which worked out wonderfully. Using CSS was a computing dream: I kept thinking, “I wonder if you can do this,” and almost always you could. (Such a strange computing experience, I’m such you’ll agree.)

Anyway, the plan is to replace all the “YadaYada”s with little reviews. (Which won’t replace longer reviews on this part of the blog, I don’t think, if I have anything particular or strong I want to say about a book). Also, I’m going to put in a conditional search at some point to weed out all the books I’m in the middle of (although, as it happens, this is nothing like a full list of books finished and in progress).

In fact, I hope to design a few tabs / buttons at the top, so you can choose between the lists of fiction, non-fiction, short stories, books in progress, and abandoned books – and it will generate the stuff for your perusal, just like that.

p.s. If you want to learn how to do any of this web stuff, a relatively easy guide can he found here.


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