International PEN conference

There’s a PEN conference going on and I was wondering whether I should go along to any of the events. I’ve

never been to any sort of literary festival: – I’ve only been to writer’s readings when I’ve been dragged. I guess I just like reading books and

the rest of it’s never meant much to me. Anyway, I’ve missed the Alaa al-Aswany already – it started about half an hour ago (though perhaps it’s

just as well, since I still haven’t got around to reading his book – on which note, I’ve been thinking of a small 2007 publications reading project

in the near future – I reckon I’ve got about 7 or so, and it’d make me seem really up to date) – but the Alberto Manguel and the Francisco Goldman

seem quite interesting. – What’s people’s opinions about the matter of attending literary festivals?


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