ACE Funding

Since there was a small furore in the little world of publishing

fiction in translation recently, and the withdrawal of certain public funds therefrom, I thought I’d see if I couldn’t find out which book-related

organizations did get public funding. This is just for London (if you’re interested in some other region, you’ll have to check it out for yourself

from their website):

These are just the regular funding awards, but I also noticed in the monthly

fundings for 2008:

  • £19,434 to Peter Owen “to launch four translated titles in the Modern

    Classics series, commission a translation and re-launch two overlooked English writers”

  • £38,200 for Penguin’s Sino-British Literary Translation Summer School
  • £28,000 to Dalkey Archive Press “to publish an annual anthology of fiction representing the best of

    modern fiction from all over Europe”

  • £22,620 to Profile Books “to translate four books,

    two by African writers, one by a Polish writer and one by a Spanish writer into English”

  • £10,000 to
  • £14,150 to a certain Khamidjan Ismailov, to translate (or perhaps, have) his novel

    Comrade Islam (translated) into English

  • £23,860 to Bitter Lemon Press Ltd, for the

    “translation of four contemporary novels from the Catalan, Italian and Spanish

  • £5,440 to Iraqi Luay Abdulilah for the translation of a novel


enough I couldn’t find the one I was looking for, which was how much they paid out to the mysteriously named think-tank Institute for the Future of the Book.

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