Compulsive book- buying

Books to read Here’s a picture of the top

of my wardrobe (you should be able to click on it to get a much larger picture, so you can identify the individual books, if that’s your kind of

thing – I certainly would, if it were someone else’s). The stuff on the top level, except the far right column, I’ve mostly read; the rest (and

it’s about three books deep) I haven’t – and this is only a small corner of the books in my flat I haven’t read.

Yes, I’ve got something of

a book-buying problem, and I’ve had it for about ten years. That I recognise I’ve got a problem doesn’t seem to help either: I know perfectly well

I’ve got 500 books or so I haven’t read, but it won’t stop me from buying more. The only achievement I’ve managed recently is to become a bit more

discerning about what I’ll actually purchase – as in, these days I only buy books I’m actually going to read. (I don’t feel any more I can justify

buying books that I might read). So now I buy about 5 books to every 1 I read, rather than 10 or 20.


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