POLL: Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction

Yes, I was at a loose end this evening, having given up the notion of

ever getting any writing done, and somehow it entered my mind that there was bound to be a way of doing polls on my blogs: – so I went onto

WordPress’ webpage and lo and behold there I found a plug-in which I could download; so I downloaded it and after a while of tearing my hair and

rending my clothes and screaming “Why doesn’t the *##*##* appear!”, it appeared on my side-bar.

So I thought, since the Orange shortlist is

going to announced tomorrow (expect Guardian coverage), I’d put in a little pre-emptive poll of my own. It’ll run till 3rd June 2008, the day before

the final announcement.

(n.b. Neither Anne Enright nor Scarlett Thomas were shortlisted, but in the great tradition of bookmakers, I’ll leave

them up there so you can throw your money away on an impossibility. You never know, they might, like Denmark, get mysteriously reinstated).

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