Bonhomie among BritLitBlogs

In order to ingratiate myself with the BritLitBlog crowd, I just thought I’d give my tuppence worth on the little spat being fought out by the

grandees here and here. It’s just, I was thinking the other day

about the litblogs on the list, and it seemed to me that they really fell into two categories:

  • the theory-based modernists

    (mostly male) who want to argue about the whys and wherefores of literature

  • and the people who just like reading books (mostly female)

    and want to express in some way what they like about them

and I can’t help thinking that one of these groups (and I’m not going to

say which) has a certain amount of contempt for the other; – though they are probably trying to hide it very well under the facade of their egregious


(Well, yes: now I’ve said my piece, I think I’ll return to that Eugeniusz Kabatc story I was reading).

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