Thinking about writing something

As some of you may have noticed, this blog was set up – partly at least

– as an account of my endeavour to complete my novel – and it may have occurred to you that there’s been singularly little about writing so far. The

reasons for this I shall save for another post, but tonight was the first time (in a few months) that I actually sat down with the intention to write

something. Not that I did, of course – though I did end up, as is my wont, making a few adjustments to the word order of a few sentences I’d

previously written and deleting a couple of superfluous phrases.

I was thinking though tonight that I’d write a short story – and, thinking

this, I thought I’d look at a short story I’d started a few months ago, just to see whether that one had been any good: – and to my horror I found

that, no, it had certainly not. – How could I ever have written such a terrible beginning to a story; – and how could I ever have written such a

terrible beginning and (I’m sure I recall, at the time) thought it any damn good. – Momentarily, losing faith, I thought I’d better have a quick

look at my novel too – just to make sure everything about my appreciation of own writing wasn’t a mistake: – but thankfully it wasn’t, and once

again I was pleasantly surprised. (No doubt it’s just one of those days).

But it’s strange, I think, that I could take up again on my novel

exactly where I left off, and there might be six months since I last wrote a word of it, and yet I’ll carry on in exactly the same vein, with exactly

the same worth (in my opinion) to the writing; – whereas, I can try and start something new, and suddenly I can’t find a voice at all or string two

worthwhile sentences together, and the whole thing is just dreadful.


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