2007 Books (Small Project)

In order to justify my continued contempt for contemporary literature,

it seems I’m actually obliged to read some, so with this end in mind I’m going to carry out another small reading project (which I may have

mentioned before, I think), of books published in 2007. Here’s the mighty list:

  • The Raw Shark Texts, by Steven Hall
  • The Road, by Cormac McCarthy
  • Laura Warholic, or the Sexual Intellectual, by Alexander Theroux

(The last one

isn’t even published in Britain yet, nor do I know of any plans for it. I imported it from the US publishers myself. – And, to be fair, The Road was

originally published in 2006.)

The trouble is, I’m actually going to enjoy most of these: I bought them, you see, because I intended to read

them; and I intended to read them, because I thought that I’d enjoy them. But, if it’ll give me the right to trash any other writers whom I already

know I don’t like….

I may also read the following 2007 foreign titles, but since my contempt only extends to literature in the English


  • The Yacoubian Building, by Alaa al-Aswany
  • The Savage Detectives, by Roberto


I’m also going to put up a list – rather like the Books Read in

2008 feature – of Living Writers I Actually Like. Rather macabrely, I guess I shall have to delete them when they die.


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