Some short stories

There’s an awful lot of material lying about on the internet (mostly in one place that shall remain nameless for copyright reasons) – and there’s a lot I’ve felt I’d like to read, but it often tends to be formatted in a way that I never will. So I’ve long had in mind a project which would format these things better. – Anyway, until such time as I actually do that, I put together this interim measure, which was easy enough. So here’s some Maupassant, some Chekhov and some Andreyev. (I particularly recommend Andreyev – though I haven’t read these yet – a once influential and widely-admired Russian writer, who has long since disappeared from the canon, for reasons I couldn’t say.)

There’s lots of stories for each – just increment the last number in the URL and you’ll reach the next one. You never know, maybe one day I’ll create an index.

(Hmm, doesn’t seem to work too well in Internet Explorer 6. Doesn’t like the pre-formatting of the text – wants to lump it all together like some ancient manuscript. Had no problems with Opera and Firefox – and, I think, later versions of IE).


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