Ordered List of c20th English Writers by the Spanish

Tired in a mindless way from study, I went through this list of best 10 novels chosen by 100 Spanish writers and weeded out all the c20th English ones. It’s always nice to see how another culture views these matters – though, to be honest, having touched against the periphery of the Spanish literary world, I’m not surprised by the results. (I included all of Conrad’s work).

Top Ten Authors

  1. William Faulkner, 27 votes
  2. Virginia Woolf, 13 votes
  3. James Joyce, 12 votes
  4. Vladimir Nabokov, 11 votes
  5. Joseph Conrad, 10 votes
  6. T S Eliot, 7 votes
  7. Malcolm Lowry, 6 votes
  8. F Scott Fitzgerald, 5 votes
  9. Carson McCullers, 4 votes
  10. Philip Roth, 4 votes
  11. J D Salinger, 4 votes

Top Ten Books

1. Ulysses (Joyce) 8 votes
2. The Sound and The Fury (Faulkner) 7 votes
3= Under the Volcano (Lowry), Heart of Darkness (Conrad), Lolita (Nabokov) 6 votes
6= A Room of One’s Own (Woolf), The Wild Palms, Absalom! Absalom!, Light in August, As I Lay Dying (Faulkner), The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (McCullers), The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald), Dubliners (Joyce) 4 votes

(Well, it was either that or review some more contemporary short stories).


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