Obooki’s MA in Internet Disputation

The University of Obooki is considering offering an MA this year in Internet Disputation. The course will be of 38 weeks duration, and each week a different aspect of Internet Disputation will be discussed, with an egregious example of genuine internet disputation given.

The course will teach the student how to dispute on the internet, but perhaps more importantly, how to recognise and counter the false disputation of others. These are increasingly important and sought-after life-skills which, since the decline of the formal teaching of sophistry and rhetoric, have been very little catered for by academic faculties.

Disclaimer 1: This course is entirely Obooki’s own original thought (at least insofar as originality has come to be understood by Obooki in his literary investigations). It is in no way ripped off from some old philosophers, dressed up in a more modern form, and put forward as being something new and unique.

Disclaimer 2: This MA course may be suddenly withdrawn at any moment due to apathy, force majeure, or other loss of interest.


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