Something about Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith wrote an

essay in the NYRB which seems to have won over our modernist-loving litblog friends (no, it didn’t take much did it?). I’m surprised it took

them so long to notice, frankly – she’s been going on about how much Foster Wallace has influenced her and how much she admires Julio Cortazar since

at least 2001 – she even had a good word once for the Brutalists?! – ; in fact, now I recall it, the very first interview with her I ever read (it was

in a newspaper-as-physical-object, so a long time ago) she managed to name-check Sterne (which is our very definition of the modernist /

experimentalist); – besides the fact is that, of late, she’s been developing a increasingly metafictional style. – We’d like, if it’s ok, to make a

test case of Smith for one of our propounded theories: – that merely turning to experimentalism won’t make you a better writer ( … it’ll just

decrease your sales!).


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