Books read – Nov 09

I only read 10 this month, because I had too much else on. Some interesting authors though:

  • Anna Banti, a wonderful Italian writer, post-Second World War, whose write-up on Wikipedia really isn’t worth bothering to read. Along with Gombrowicz and Woolf, one of the best written novels I’ve read this year (well, if you like long, flowing sentences).
  • Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Swiss writer, perhaps (like fellow-countryman Max Frisch) better-known as a playwright – much recommended, particularly if you like ridiculously convoluted detective stories.
  • Mempo Giardinelli, an Argentinian writer who (on the evidence of this book) I don’t think much of. He’s won the very prestigious Rómulo Gallegos Prize, but doesn’t merit a page yet on (English) Wikipedia. – Not much of a page on the Spanish version either.

And some other writers, all reviewed here.

Whoever designed this template with undifferentiated hyperlinks was…


One thought on “Books read – Nov 09

  1. I like the new look. Looks like an Edwardian deskset. Gives you gravitas…a sort of family lawyer feel–anachronistic but reliable…another glass of port, old boy?

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