Obooki raids Borders

Yes, in the grand tradition of kicking a man when he’s down, I thought I’d go down to Borders – since I heard it was liquidating its stock inventory – to see if I couldn’t find some bargains.

I couldn’t, of course, because the books (and the CDs and the DVDs) they stock don’t tend to interest me, which is why I don’t usually go in there (and perhaps why they’re going into liquidation). (For those interested, they are currently offering 20% to 50% discount on their inventory (with, at a guess, anything you might roughly consider buying being at 20%.)); – and, because 2 books for £17 doesn’t constitute in my mind a bargain.

One of these was The Bedbug and Selected Poetry, by Vladimir Mayakovsky, which I noticed there a few months ago while looking for purchases for my Silver Age Russian course (and which of course no one had bought in the meantime, as I safely assumed); and which now I thought I must go back and buy before the store closed entirely. – And the other book I shall not mention, since I might give it to someone as a Christmas present (after reading it myself, naturally).


2 thoughts on “Obooki raids Borders

  1. so, they won’t get it til next christmas or the one after that. might as well tell, as they will likely forget by the time it is gifted.

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