More on the Obooki Prize

Conversational Reading points out that Obabakoak, winner of the Obooki Prize 2008, is being brought out in a new edition next year. No doubt this is on account of the vast influence of the Obooki Prize. (I did see a book the other day being advertised as being “Nominated for The Guardian Not The Booker Prize”. They’ll do anything to sell their books in these times).

There is still a lot of speculation literally nowhere on who will win the Obooki Prize 2009. (Ladbrokes – last we looked – is even refusing to take bets on the issue, so clouded is it.) Long-time front-runners, Tayeb Salih and Paul Auster, are now thought to be suffering stiff competition from “another of those European writers no one has ever heard of which these European-based prizes always seem to throw up”. (I would go so far as to say, I’ve never heard this writer mentioned anywhere, ever, in my life).

The Obooki Prize will be announced at 12.00am on 1st January 2010. (Yes, I’m going to preset the post to appear right on cue, for those eager to stay up).


5 thoughts on “More on the Obooki Prize

  1. Thank you. As it happens, the clock in my car is an hour fast because I can’t understand how to adjust it. Changing the dash display involves multiple presses on a single button and inevitably the digit jerks or trembles at the wrong moment, with the possibility of complete meltdown. I’m thinking of trading the car in.

  2. As it happens, the clock on my computer at work is an hour slow and, due to the incredible security restrictions we now employ, I don’t have the access privileges to change it. This means I am constantly being reminded of meetings half an hour after they’ve started.

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