Books Read – Dec 09

Well, in the end I only read 97 books. – It was 99, but I had to remove two books from my list because the truth is I didn’t finish them (I can lie to you easily enough, but I find it difficult to lie to myself – somehow, I always just seem to know).

Here’s the final list – with even more stats!!!

A few notes on authors:

  • Leonid Andre(y)ev was a turn-of-the-century writer, a major figure in the Russian Silver Age, very famous and influential in his day, now sadly overlooked. The collection of Russian shorts that I read also includes him along with other famous figures of the age, Fyodor Sologub, Zinaida Gippius and Valery Bryusov. I’ll be reading more soon by all except Gippius (whose works don’t abound in English).
  • Sholom Aleichem, I’ve mentioned before this year – one of the big three Yiddish writers. He’s the only writer I read two books by this year (I exclude Paul Auster, since most of The New York Trilogy I read last year – or perhaps even the year before).
  • Ermanno Cavazzoni, see two posts down.
  • Miroslav Krleža is a Croatian writer, very worthwhile reading. His best work is meant to be The Return of Philip Latinowicz, also available in English.
  • Emmanuel Bove was a French writer, and one of those authors I feel immediately attached to. His work was apparently much admired (so it says on the blurb) by Colette, Beckett, and Rilke – which was indeed the recommendation that made me buy it.

2 thoughts on “Books Read – Dec 09

  1. Thanks Mish, and a happy new year to you too – and to everyone who reads this blog.

    Never fear: if my eyesight fails, I shall get one of my vassals to read to me.

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