Stuff on the BBC

BBC Radio are having a Chekhov season at the moment – a few plays and such.

While BBC World Service have J.M.G. Le Clézio on World Book Club. I can’t prove this with a link though (they e-mail me their upcoming lists): the recording’s at Bush House at 16:30 on 11th March. Not sure when it’s due to be broadcast.

6 thoughts on “Stuff on the BBC

  1. I’ve been listening to some of it. I enjoyed The Cherry orchard the other day and Simon Russell Beale (sp?) was interesting as were a few of the other programs I caught.

    Hemingway, whose literary judgements I often disagree with said that the difference between Chekhov and Katherine Mansfield (whose short stories were highly rated at the time H. was writing; does anyone read KM anymore?) was the difference between a worldly-wise and sophisticated physician and a callow young woman. It’s almost 40 years since I read any KM but I think H. was right.

    I always had the impression that Maugham’s short story writing was strongly influenced by Chekhov. Come to think of it, Maugham trained and qualified as a physician as well, didn’t he? Wasn’t the male protagonist of Liza of Lambeth (Maugham’s 1st novel, I think…too lazy to check) a young doctor or student doctor?

  2. does anyone read KM anymore?

    Me, for one. She’s uneven, but the best of her short stories are amongst the best in the language. Callow she wasn’t.

  3. I think you’re right about Liza of Lambeth, though I can’t be arsed to check either. I remember descriptions of him delivering babies in various garrets. The hero of Of Human Bondage was also a med student. Much as I enjoy Maugham, he’s not in Chekhov’s class.

  4. I like both KM and AC (I read a collection by each last year): I’m not sure which is better or who knew more about life, but their work seems of infinite superiority to me to the short stories of EH. – Any statement of EH, in any case, contains a fair amount of posturing.

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