Stalinist Spot the Difference

On QI this week, they claimed that Stalin never laughed. I can’t honestly believe this: every piece of anecdotal evidence I’ve ever read indicates he had a particularly dark and macabre sense of humour.

Every day in Pravda, for instance, starting in the mid-1930s, Stalin used to have a spot the difference competition. Here’s one below. See if you can, Spot the Difference.

Stalin and Yezhov


9 thoughts on “Stalinist Spot the Difference

  1. I could be wrong, but that looks like Stalin’s evil dwarf, Nikolai Yezhov, in the first photo. In the second, he appears to have fallen into the river…that’s what happens when you become a non-person.

  2. Yes, I enjoy snobbish pretentious undergraduate nonsense. What I really dislike on the other hand are ALL TELEVISION DRAMA SERIES.

  3. I’d also like to point out that in the print edition of this photograph(s?) that I have, Uncle Joe can clearly be seen grinning (ok, perhaps not laughing outright) in the first picture, you can see his white teeth, whereas his grin has disappeared in the second picture. – Also, the construction project seems slowly to be dissolving into the background in the second picture (perhaps a subtle comment on Stalinism?).

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