Films Seen – March 10

I don’t think I’ll see any more: a list here, and little reviews. – I’ve been reformatting the stats section a bit, so it looks more pleasing. I’m a little surprised how many of the films I’m watching are from the 60s and the 70s, while there’s virtually nothing from the 80s and 90s (perhaps I’ve just seen too many films from the latter 2 decades, or maybe the former was a golden age?). (There was an even more surprising split after I broke down my c20th book-reading down by decade – but you’ll have to wait a few days for that).

I had a pretty industrious month culturally. Also, I joined a new London Borough’s library, which gave me access to a wide array of titles. And I bought a new DVD player – to replace my previous one, which was beginning to select for me what films I could and couldn’t watch. (We think electronic machines go wrong after a time, but I’m beginning to incline to the idea that they have consciousness and are able to learn for themselves).

Anyway, that’s by far the most films I’ve watched in a long time. There were quite a few too I gave up on:

  • Catherine Breillat‘s The Last Mistress. – I should have steered clear of this childish serial controvertialist. This is a costume drama, with a determination to break every convention of costume dramas. I think I had three attempts to try and finish this, before finally giving up.
  • Qayamat – a Bollywood concoction; this time – in time-honoured fashion – lifted apparently from The Rock (I haven’t since the Hollywood original). Bollywood does produce films of quite breath-taking dreadfulness. This – and another Bollywood film – Big Brother, which was equally as bad, have put me off the genre (for a bit at least). Any knowledge of decent Bollywood films to look out for would be appreciated.
  • Jacques Rivette’s Secret Défense. I managed 36 minutes of the 170, found myself bored and uninterested. I don’t know all that much about Rivette – I’ve seen Histoire de Marie and Julien, which I liked though I don’t remember much about it; – not sure if I’ve seen anything else.
  • The Bed Sitting Room, which promised to be a Pythonesque-Goonbased comedy about a nuclear apocalypse, but which I found tedious and unfunny.

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