Incorrect Info on Wikipedia?!

Far be it from me to correct anything on Wikipedia, but since I’m well into my Prix Goncourt project and picked up another book which, acc. to Wikipedia, doesn’t exist in English translation, I feel it worth pointing out that I’ve now found 3 books from their list which do have English translations where they state they do not. These are:

  • Confidence pour confidence, by Paule Constant – translated as, Trading Secrets (this didn’t push my assuming English titles from their French counterparts too far; – and by the way, I do not recommend this book at all)
  • L’Exposition coloniale, by Erik Orsenna – translated as, Love and Empire (a fairly easy educated guess – “coloniale” / “empire”)
  • and the really hard one, Le Jardin d’acclimatation, by Yves Navarre – translated as, Cronos’ Children (I’ll be interested to wonder, as I’m reading it, what their justification was)

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