Books Read/Films Seen – May 2010

This blog seems finally to be reflecting my feelings about books: – that is, my only real interest is in reading them, and the whole literary world which surrounds that is beneath contempt. (Previously, I guess it only “induced contempt”). Which isn’t a good attitude for a literary blogger I suppose, since I’m basically not left with anything to say.

Here’s the list. (You can find the film link for yourself – it’s over to the right somewhere; but I haven’t watched many films of late).

Most of May I covered earlier, so I haven’t much to add. – May was always going to be a busy month – busy, that is, in terms of not reading books but being obliged to do other less interesting things; – June, on the other hand, is (aside from the World Cup) almost entirely free (although I do intend to do some writing).

Anyway, here are a few writers:

  • Jerzy Pilch is a Polish writer, post-Communist era; and I was really rather impressed. The book I read reminded me a lot of Calvino. (A front-runner, along with Lobo Antunes, for this year’s Obooki Prize. – To be honest, I don’t think he’ll win though).
  • José Rodrigues Miguéis (no English Wikipedia page) was a Portuguese writer, though he lived most of his life (in Republican exile) in the United States (from 1935 to his death in 1980). He’s had a few of his books translated.

And that’s about it. The others I’ve covered at some point before, I feel sure.


    5 thoughts on “Books Read/Films Seen – May 2010

    1. “my only real interest is in reading them, and the whole literary world which surrounds that is beneath contempt.”


    2. I expect he’s become a ‘literary artist’ and is, even as we speak, putting the finishing touches to a video installation: 28 screens showing obooki at different stages of the same book (doubtless by someone none of us has ever heard of). The piece will be called “The Illusion of Progress” and will win him the Turner Prize.

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