Whatever happened to Obooki’s Obloquy?

Not a complaint, but I do notice that if I type “Obooki’s Obloquy” into Google, it doesn’t bring back my website any more. It brings back other sites that have referenced it, but not the site itself. In fact, there seems to be nothing you can type into Google any more which brings back my website (except for the homepage, which I don’t use).

If you type the same into Yahoo, it’s the first item.

I always defend Orwell’s 1984 against slanderous accusations that it somehow predicted anything whatsoever about our modern world, but…

(I know. I don’t update it enough, and probably this has something to do with it.)


6 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Obooki’s Obloquy?

  1. That’s very true, I found the results returned by a Google search strange…almost off-putting, as if deliberately dancing around the actual site but not telling you where the bloody thing is.

    I’m sure it has something to do with algorithms.

  2. Unsure. – Google used to return my blog. – I noticed a while ago actually, on Google Analytics, that I wasn’t any longer getting any keyword searches – i.e. all those hundreds of random searches that would return my blog.

    I think it’s probably time I should do something with my homepage – i.e. link it to the blog.

  3. It sounds like you’re having the same problems I had with World Literature Forum earlier in the year. Intending to expand the site with a regular blog I installed WordPress in another directory and set to work on it. I thought nothing of it for a while. Soon, on the forum, it was visible that the only activity was that of regular visitors and some of them were complaining about the lack of new ‘faces’.

    Digging into the directory of the site, I found a bit of dodgy code (completely encrypted) at the top of one of my pages (it may have been the index.php) and this let to another bit of code tucked away elsewhere. This bit of code was malicious in that it detected search engine spiders based on their fixed IP address and redirected them elsewhere. The effect was that World Literature Forum vanished from Google, MSN, Yahoo!, etc. It took my a couple of months to spot that it had happened, but once fixed and I resubmitted the site to Google (citing that it had been hacked) the floodgates of spiders opened up once more and traffic is booming.

  4. That’s interesting Stewart – I’ll have a look into it. – It seems like it’s only Google though.

    Is there actually a blog that goes with WLF now then?

  5. It may only be Google, but that’s where the bulk of your traffic will come from. I was still getting trickle coming in from a few threads archived in Yahoo! and MSN.

    Is there actually a blog that goes with WLF now then?

    It was the intention, but after that incident, which I’ve only recently resolved – thankfully ahead of the Nobel announcent – it’s on hold. But I do need to revamp everything soon and a blog is something I’d like to add, along with links pages, etc.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions.

    After a campaign of submitting myself to things, and re-installing a whole new version of WordPress, I seem finally to be back on Google.

    Check it out, on my favourite website for responding sarcastically to inane questions.

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