Curious Questions

The Guardian has a link to the exam papers for All Souls’ Fellowships, and they’re interesting to look through. (I even feel I should apply for the Classics one – though I’d have to be lucky and get a nice paper). Anyway, I can’t help noticing the English papers keep asking the very same questions which tend to trouble Obooki on his obloquy:

22. ‘Critical speculation about when, precisely, Modernism burst forth and when it petered out is futile’. Do you agree?

27. Was modernism old-fashioned?

24. If Woolf, Joyce and Lawrence were all modernists, what does modernism mean?

24. Did much less change in the literature of the first half of the twentieth century than is generally claimed?

25. When and why did labelled literary movements become important? Were any of them as significant as they claimed to be?

24. Does it show that most contemporary British novelists have been through British English literature departments?

and lastly

26. What do you think the long-term effects of the blogosphere will be on literary activity?