Books Read – Sept 10 (and a few days of Oct)

Little reviews here.

I’m sure I read quite a bit in September really, but I didn’t finish much – as can be seen by the fact that I’ve already finished as many books in October.

The only really out-of-the-way writer on the list is Liu E, a Chinese writer around the beginning of c20th – so fitting in with that fascinating group who lived the revolution, rather than those later writers who were merely brainwashed into writing about it. As Wikipedia notes, the version I read was severely bowlderised by the Chinese authorities (it was published by their literary propaganda arm, Panda Books).

Actually, it’s worth reading just for the opening: a dream sequence worthy of Kafka or Ionesco. (That is, a dream sequence in which it only gradually dawns on you, through its increasing strangeness, that what you’re reading is a dream sequence.)


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