Return of Films Seen

Not that anyone’s remotely interested of course, but I thought I’d start up my Films Seen list again. I do go through periods of watching and not watching films (and periods, apparently, when I can’t be bothered to update things) – so we have a nice gap of a year in which I probably did watch some films – and some good ones – but since I didn’t write them down, I don’t know what they were.

I’ve updated Films Seen 2010 with another ten films which were on the file but which I hadn’t uploaded – not sure how true the dates are, but some good ones: Becker’s Le Trou and Oshima’s The Sun’s Burial especially. And I’ve added a Films Seen 2011 too (but you’re not allowed to look at it till the end of the month!).

This is all perhaps in an effort to watch all these DVDs I’ve been buying and stacking on my shelves (lots of nice bulky box-sets). Here’s a foretaste of what I’ll be watching: Jean-Pierre Melville (6 films), Ingmar Bergman (13), Eric Rohmer (8), Truffaut (6), Godard (a few), Herzog (a few), Oshima (a few), Fellini (4), Renoir (7), Wim Wenders (a few), and Fassbinder (17).


2 thoughts on “Return of Films Seen

  1. How in the name of God did you come to watch The Final Countdown? It is truly a terrible film.

    Some pretty good watching in that list (above).

  2. It was on TV and I was bored. – I still reckon I’m right though in saying it’s better than Timecop, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Godzilla vs King Kong.

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