Books Read – August 2011

Here are my mini-reviews. Thought I’d read a lot this month, but as usual didn’t. Almost finished Machado de Assis’ The Devil’s Church and Other Stories too, but can’t break my habit of never reading more than one short story from one short story collection per day. But I did read: a book of plays, a Dutch book and two (pre-) nouveaux romans. (Oh, the Cocteau isn’t a “drama”, it’s a novel – I’ll change it for next month). (Another book I picked up for my nouveaux romans is Nathalie Sarraute’s Tropisms and The Age of Suspicion – interestingly with a sticker inside saying it’s from the library of Martin Seymour-Smith. – Well, there can’t be that many Martin Seymour-Smiths who would own such a book!).

Haven’t the energy to say anything about the writers: I’m sure you’re familiar with them all already (especially Ibargüengoitia, whom I’m sure you’ll remember me reading a book by last year – or maybe the year before: a much better book than this one).

Here are films seen, too. Not that impressive so far. Not sure why I’ve been watching so much from the 40s this month.

Oh, and my other resolution for the rest of the year is to read more books by people who are still alive. Not a usual Obooki thing, I’ll grant – but otherwise we won’t have much competition for our great end-of-year prize. Perhaps I should get a bit more into del Paso’s News from the Empire (since Carlos Fuentes thinks it’s one of the 10 greatest Latin Am books of the c20th). I’ve read about 10 pages so far, and now regret having read an entire history of Maximilian and Carlota in preparation.

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