Books Read – Sep/Oct 11

Here are reviews (films are here).

Not many: my reading is falling apart; and I’m not at all confident it’ll get better next month – too much to do otherwise; – although, on saying that, I’ve a lot of books on the go where I’m quite close to the end.

Not much to mention beyond what I’ve already said – I seemed to have written quite a bit about these already. The Piccolomini turned out much better than Wallenstein’s Camp.

I’m getting worried about the Obooki Prize: I’ve started a lot of books by living writers recently, but I don’t really feel convinced about any of them. Perhaps it won’t get awarded at all this year: – but then, there’s always an old favourite or two I might be able to fall back on if desperate.


4 thoughts on “Books Read – Sep/Oct 11

  1. There’s a Starship Troopers 3?? Crikey, I haven’t been paying attention.

    I know of Build My Gallows… as Out of the Past, and I agree it is top drawer.

    I saw about 40min of Cloverfield a while back, it really is dreadful. Expensive though.

  2. Yep. From what I gather on imdb, 3 is superior to 2, which was appalling, but not as good as 1. I’ve seen 1, not 2.

    Yeah, Cloverfield was pretty rubbish: – I almost switched off during the long boring party scene at the beginning. There could have spent some money on a proper movie camera, rather than just using camcorders!

    A film I did give up on was I am Legend; oddly enough, I also gave up reading the book as well. I actually got about an hour into it, but found myself feeling strangely uninterested in the outcome.

  3. The funny thing about “I Am Legend,” of which I saw the beginning, a bit of the middle, and the dull end, is that the outcome that is carefully set up earlier in the movie is abandoned for another one that is less interesting. It is an interesting movie only in that the dueling screenplays are visible. The final script doctors did not remove the evidence of the other story.

  4. Yes, that’s probably true. There was some story with his wife – was that ever resolved? – I was also irritated by the typical anti-science Hollywood backstory: man meddling with nature (in this case, a drug that cures cancer) brings about Apocalypse – see everyone other Hollywood apocalypse film.

    Apparently, The Omega Man is also based on I Am Legend, so maybe I’ll track that down.

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