Books Read – Nov 11

I read a lot of books this month, which is strange because I was meant to be doing other things. Reviews here.

Some authors:

  • Alfred Kubin, German, Expressionist artist, crazy writer.
  • Carlos Martínez Moreno, Uruguayan – no English Wikipedia page, so you’ll have to make do with the Spanish. A very interesting book about the usual South American political issues: dictators, torture, revolutionaries, kidnappings.
  • Horacio Castellanos Moya, an El Salvadorian, or perhaps a Honduran writer. I was very disappointed.
  • André Pieyre de Mandiargues, an interesting French writer of the Surrealist / New Novel type, though drifting perhaps in the direction of pornography (though not in the least to the extent of Georges Bataille, whom you may note I also read).

And also some film reviews, though few in number. (Summer with Monika seems to have disappeared though).

On the subject of film, all through Film 2011’s review of The Thing tonight – the prequel to, and not – please note – the re-make of the original John Carpenter film, because it would of course be a travesty to re-make the original John Carpenter film, I was screaming at my television (or at least, sitting quietly staring at my computer screen and thinking to myself) that John Carpenter’s film isn’t the original at all, it’s itself a re-make of The Thing from Another World (1951). (Even though they spent most of the program(me) discussing re-makes).


2 thoughts on “Books Read – Nov 11

  1. Hey, that’s the same Moya I read! That’s the same disappointment I felt!

    He must have written something better than that.

  2. One would hope. I have heard rumours that Senselessness is more interesting. Apparently Moya has become influenced by Thomas Bernhard – though I couldn’t say when.

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