More Thoughts on TRB Challenge (and Other Things)

I’ve posted a listed on the left of Books Brought Forward (that is, books I’m currently reading which I can continue reading for TBR challenge purposes). This is quite a long list, but:

  • If I’m not reading these books intently at the moment, it’s because I’m not inclined to, and if I’m not inclined to now, I probably won’t be inclined to much in 2012 either
  • Quite a lot of these books I’m already halfway through or so
  • I’ve decided, anyway, to extend my TBR reading to the end of June

As stated previously, also excluded will be short story collections and books in French, along with – I’ve decided – books within my Nouveau Roman challenge from last year – which I’ve been stretching out but actually quite enjoying (and which now includes another two Nathalie Sarraute books I picked up). I can buy books, but only in a restricted manner (whose rules I shan’t enumerate, but shall consider under the terms of everyday morality).

I’ve also adjusted the order of the Latin American Readalong to take into account the longer TBR time (also now on the left-hand column, among the pages), and also because I recognise the possibility GGM might be an Obooki prize contender, and therefore December is not the best time for reading him (even though, so far, all winners have been read in December (I think) – certainly the last two years).

Further, the list put forward so far for this TBR challenge is in no way comprehensive. They are plenty of other books on my shelves I’ve had longer than four years, and these too will be eligible. Which means, basically, I’ll be reading a lot of classics.

Otherwise, that’s more or less it for Obooki’s Obloquy this year: I’m likely (by which I mean, I am) away for Christmas and New Year, though I may find myself occasionally near the internet (I hear they have it too in foreign countries now!), but curiously my absence isn’t going to stop me posting posts. The following will appear in due course:

  • Books Unread 2011 (03:29, 26/12/11)
  • …and The Winner of the Obooki Prize 2011 is… (00:00, 01/01/12)
  • Are Tropisms Really Just Joycean Epiphanies? (17:52, 04/01/12)

All times GMT. Feel free to mutter among yourselves (the last post, I think, is the only really interesting one – containing some ideas, no less – not something we have too often on Obooki’s Obloquy).

So there you go, and a very merry Christmas to you all!!

Oh, and let’s have a new song, shall we? – We’ve had a few quiet songs so (just so you don’t think Obooki spends all his time moping glumly), here’s my favourite loud song of the last decade.


3 thoughts on “More Thoughts on TRB Challenge (and Other Things)

  1. You do realize you wrote TRB in your title which made me, the eternal accronym hater, puzzle…. Another one I do not get, I thought, but it was just the typo monster…
    I’m still looking for a rule regarding the acquisition of new books…
    A merry Christmas to you in whatever foreign lands you will be staying.
    So that’s loud, now is it?

  2. TRB stands for The Reluctant Book, as in The Reluctant Book Pile, or The Retiring Book, since these are the books which hide at the back of the book shelf and shrink from being read.

    It’s loud as opposed to quiet, but there are certainly louder things.

    I’m travelling to two foreign lands, Spain and Berkshire.

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