Books Read – June 2012

As usual, I read far less than I’d intended, see here for mini-reviews, largely because I spent the last two weeks watching films (mostly French and Italian), see here for mini-reviews – and of course the European football championships didn’t help. I had been hoping to clear the decks a bit this month, but my Currently Reading list is as long as always. Auto da Fé, for another month, proves a great stumbling block – I only have 70 pages to read, but not the mortal strength to read them. I can see myself giving in this close to the end. Zola has got a bit repetitive too, but I think I might be getting over the long middle section now, and there’ll just be a sprint to the end. Most of the others are on the back-burner, until I get time to concentrate on them again…

…because this month, I’m going to be reading only Spanish literature.

Perhaps, for once though, I shan’t list what I’m going to be reading, so it can all come as a pleasant surprise – and my failure won’t be so clear: aside, that is, from Infante Cabrera’s Three Trapped Tigers and Onetti’s A Brief Life.


3 thoughts on “Books Read – June 2012

  1. I look forward to all your upcoming Spanish lit surprises, Obooki, and will readily join you in admitting that Euro 2012 has cost me plenty of reading time of late (though I’m not complaining–no posting required after watching grueling matches). Just so you know, I might do a medieval Spanish poetry mini-series in July–that will be sure to offset the “popularity” of my upcoming prose selections (nobody loves medieval or poetry, esp. when I write about them, he he).

  2. Here in Oz, we get Euro 2012 as chewable one-hour highlights the next day, so I’ve been able to enjoy it and read too (and also test the theory of getting greater satisfaction from something when you already know the ending…). Looking forward to Spanish Lit Month too 🙂

  3. There was a highlights programme here too, but it’s not the same – just as, indeed, I never read the blurbs on the back of books. – Still, it’s served as a good opening to Spanish Lit Month. On then, I suppose, with the first post.

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