Books Read – Nov 2012

See here for mini-reviews. My year’s reading continues unapace. Aside from histories related to the stock exchange (?) and short stories, I seem to be finding little interest or will to read in literature at the moment. Really, really struggling, for instance, with Under the Volcano – like other of Lowry’s works, and Canetti’s Auto da Fé, it’s just at times so dull and tedious and long-drawn-out. (Other bits are quite good though – largely, the descriptions of drunkenness).

December is going to be entirely taken up with finishing all the unfinished novels from the rest of the year, which I’ve now listed under Currently Reading (there’s probably quite a few I haven’t read anything of for six months, and there’s a few more not even on this list). I’m going to try not starting anything more (except for one classic novel which I’m intending to read on my holiday travels).

I must get back to my Latin-American reading, which seemed to fall apart quite early on. I’m particularly interested in the Lima Barreto – it has been calling me from my bookshelf for a while. In fact, I was thinking of doing a doomed Brazilian literature project next year (to fit in with the World Cup, which, it’s true, isn’t till 2014 – but it will give me some background). My main project for next year though is to force myself to read more books in French (one a month, perhaps).

As for films (see here), since Mubi have changed their rules (and have now prevented me from watching lots of films I’d have liked to have watched), I’ve been looking at moving across to LoveFilm who, while they have a good collection of Hollywood crap (see the zero-related reviews I’ve written so far – though the Godard was my own DVD (it’s amazing, I saw Détective half a month and can remember absolutely nothing about it – I don’t even know why I didn’t like it)), actually have a few interesting films I’d like to see.

I might try to get to 150 films before the end of the year; but I’m not sure how I’ll find the time, if I’m going to finish all these books and do all the other things I want to do.


2 thoughts on “Books Read – Nov 2012

  1. Lowry is hard work alright, albeit well worth the effort in my experience. How are you liking Krudy? There’s a sameyness to the Sindbad stories, so if you don’t take to them I imagine they could pall. I thought them very charming.

    Il Divo is very clever and arresting, but Sorrentino’s new one wasn’t up to much.

  2. I’m not convinced Lowry is worth the effort. Hard work not in the right way either (unlike other books I’m reading: Joyce / Brophy); it’s not at all difficult to read sentence for sentence | it’s difficult to force myself to plough through the dull nothingness of it all.

    Krudy is enjoyable. Perhaps it is repetitive, but so far I’ve stretched my reading over several years, so I’ve tended not to notice.

    Sorrentino: Oh, that film. Well, it has Sean Penn in it: of course, it’s no good.

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