Films Seen – Feb 13

There’s not much point mentioned books read, since I’ve read so few; perhaps this is because I’ve been watching so many films. I can’t help noticing my increase in film-watching is coincident with my signing up to LoveFilm. Too much there to watch, and they now have these nice notices telling you when they’re going to remove films from their catalogue, thus forcing you to watch them all the more quickly.


2 thoughts on “Films Seen – Feb 13

  1. Now you mention it, “insane manly laughter” is probably an under-appreciated feature of many Peckinpah films.

  2. It’s very noticeable once you recognise it’s there. In fact, The Wild Bunch is just one long extravaganza of insane manly laughter bookended by two incredibly violent shootouts. (In fact, maybe that’s a better review, I might use it instead).

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