Films Seen (and Books Read) – Mar 13

Mini-reviews for films and books, as hyperlinked – a few extras which I didn’t post on twitter.

Book-reading continues on very slowly at the moment, in contrast to film-watching, where I managed to watch 20 films for the second month in a row. I was going to watch a lot of Wim Wenders films, but starting a few of them (notably Room 666 and The State of Things) put me off. He easily slips into the everything-wrong-with-arthouse-cinema category.

Next month: more of the same in both films and books; more Shakespeare. Perhaps, since I’m reading If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller, a little series on post-modern meta-fictional classics (including such modern cutting-edge writers as Unamuno, Diderot and Aristophanes). I have a distate for meta-fiction, so should enjoy it immensely.


2 thoughts on “Films Seen (and Books Read) – Mar 13

  1. Loved the first half of your Faulkner blurb. Also, I think that’s a pretty good deal of reading considering how much film-watching you’re doing these days. I’ve probably got you beat at napping and doing nothing, though.

  2. The trouble is that I don’t really make much of a distinction between film-watching and doing nothing.

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