Books Read / Films Seen Apr-May 13

A quick catch-up in my Books Read and Films Seen listings.

I’ll put a brief review up of the Leo Perutz in time. – Still finding reading a struggle at the moment, though Céline and Carlo Emilio Gadda both first-rate. Oh, and Marcel Aymé too. One month, soon, I promise I’ll finish a whole load of books.

There’s one extra film I didn’t put on twitter.


2 thoughts on “Books Read / Films Seen Apr-May 13

  1. Hadn’t noticed there was a “zero” rated movie in there before. I bet Alex Cox feels cheesed off.

  2. If he spent a few tens of millions of dollars more on his films, perhaps he could get a zero rating too. I no doubt find a virtue in their sheer cheapness (there was a moment in Straight to Hell when the boom drifted into shot).

    This month, I shall be getting round to his version of Death and the Compass, which has got to be good, hasn’t it?

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