Some New Books Links

My investigations into literary cyberspace – to discover if there is indeed anyone else out there – have so far come up with the following new interesting blogs, some of which may of course already be familiar to you (criteria: obscure foreign books, personal favourites, a hatred of all contemporary fiction):

  • Quiddity of Delusion – anyone who likes Alexander Theroux is worth at least a moment of your time, even if the blogger does give contemporary fiction in general far too much credit.
  • Book Worm’s Head – hooray, someone else who gives books ratings (using decimals too – that’s something I hadn’t thought of; and it’s struck me for a long time that my simple 0 to 10 scale might be missing some nuances)
  • Book Snob – with lots of reviews of Polish books, all of which are presumably unavailable in English
  • Macumbeira – interesting book selection (I’m just about to read The Flanders Road)
  • Isola di Rifiuti – excerpts from writers’ notebooks
  • Liberreview – plentiful foreign-language books reviewed
  • Biblioklept – all kinds of strange literary things

2 thoughts on “Some New Books Links

  1. Thanks for the research–all but one are pretty much new to me. Loved your criteria, too! Btw, I see you’ve recently started Gadda’s Awful Mess. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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