Gallix précis #2

tossed off by some Gallic Bulwer-Lytton type … midway through a rant against what Barthes would dub … (André Breton recalls the time … when Paul Valéry assured him) … referenced by numerous authors, from André Gide to Nathalie Sarraute through Francis Ponge (… Valéry objected to … above all, Valéry objected to …) anticipating Knausgaard‘s recent crisis of faith …. to quote Dylan Nice … (Gabriel Josipovici analyses this trend) … as Walter Benjamin pointed out … riffing off the famous phrase which Claude Mauriac had cheekily used … (Queneau countered … Calvino concurred) … as Perec put it … echoing Queneau’s earlier definition … “Historically, the importance of the Oulipo is to have provided an escape from the Romantic cul-de-sac of unfettered imagination (or its Surrealist avatar, chance) through the reintroduction of external constraints”.


6 thoughts on “Gallix précis #2

  1. It’s true. I hadn’t thought of it as a found poem. Found poetry seems a good idea: much easier than writing your own from scratch. I’m imagining poetry books would be a good source for them.

  2. Some writers have problems understanding that the more names they drop, the stupider their writing looks. And the same goes for those who pile up arguments to prove a point, not realizing that the more weak links they add, the weaker their chain of proof gets.

  3. Sorry, humblehappiness: I haven’t logged in to my website for ages to retrieve your comment.

    I’m always suspicious of excessive name-dropping: it makes me feel the writer has no confidence in their own opinions (and perhaps with reason).

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