Books Read – Sept 2013

Books read for the month here.

A sudden burst of reading activity (I read 9 books, the most of any month this year). I should review in time, hopefully, the Ivo Andrić and Victor Shklovsky. Mostly pretty good stuff this month, and more good stuff currently being read.

Films seen here: seem to have settled on 12/month now; only 13 more to go to beat last year’s record. Have largely kept to the more arthouse/less Hollywood dynamic this month.

(Oh yes, I tried to watch Darren Aronofsky’s dreadful Black Swan, but couldn’t make it through. Tried twice. Very, very silly film).


2 thoughts on “Books Read – Sept 2013

  1. Ah, Come and See upgraded to a 10. It is a remarkable work. I’m thinking about watching it again, but am waiting for an appropriate mood of misanthropic despair to grip me.

  2. Yes, although any sort of dreamy abstracted mood will probably do. – I did try to write a post about it, but didn’t feel I was getting anywhere with it and gave up. – Its structure – rambling through a mad battlefield – does have similarities with Apocalypse Now, but without the irony and satire. And even aside from the horrific elements, there’s a lot of imagery I remember from it.

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