Books Read – Mar-May 2015

Books read here (and films seen here).

I may not have been blogging, but I’ve certainly been reading (but not watching films – I’ve watched the beginnings of a lot of films, but all too often at the moment they don’t seem to interest me and I turn them off).

As for books, there’s two 9s and six 8s amongst these; and even then I’m feeling I’m being a little churlish towards a few of them. Notable are Kálmán Mikszáth’s The Siege of Beszterce, which I hope to write a post on one of these days, and Louis Couperus’s The Hidden Force. Couperus was a Dutch writer who enjoyed a remarkable vogue in England in the 1910-20s, so that almost all his books have been translated and are available out of copyright on the internet. I can imagine myself working my way through them.

(In terms of my current reading list, I’ve decided only henceforth to include books I’m at least halfway through – to cut down the numbers a bit).


2 thoughts on “Books Read – Mar-May 2015

  1. I had never heard of Louis Couperus so I tried ‘The Hidden Force’. Excellent, highly impressionistic with elements of the occult. Well translated by which I mean readable.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was interesting how it started off as a perfectly realistic story, but gradually became invaded by more magic realist – indeed, occult – elements. And yes, it is very readable. I hope actually to review it properly soon.

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