Writers I Like (Still Alive, Still Alive!!!)

This is a list of writers I enjoy. I’m not necessarily stating that their books are works of genius – maybe I’ve even read some books of theirs I don’t like; – I’m just saying they’re the writers whose works I tend to seek out. If a writer does not appear on the list, then you may assume I have a) never read ’em, or b) dislike ’em (whichever suits you best).

  • Bernardo Atxaga, Basque
  • Paul Auster, American
  • John Barth, American
  • Alfredo Bryce Echenique, Peruvian
  • Ermanno Cavazzoni, Italian
  • Fernando del Paso, Mexican
  • Juan Goytisolo, Spanish
  • Alasdair Gray, Scottish
  • Lazslo Krasznahorkai, Hungarian
  • Antonio Lobo Antunes, Portuguese
  • Claudio Magris, Italian
  • Andrei Makine, French
  • Yann Queffelec, French
  • Ignacio Padilla, Mexican
  • Orhan Pamuk, Turkish
  • Roberto Pazzi, Italian
  • Jerzy Pilch, Polish
  • Pascal Quignard, French
  • Patrick Rambaud, French
  • Antonio Tabucchi, Italian
  • Alexander Theroux, America
  • Fernando Vallejo, Colombian
  • Mario Vargas Llosa, Peruvian
  • Enrique Vila-Matas, Spanish

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